Experiences have shown us that focus on short and educational films have proved to be very effective in the development of a student’s creative mind. Thus , we bring to you “FILMOGRAPHY"(SHORT FILMS, DANCE VIDEOS AND SCRIPT WRITING COMPETITIONS) at SOUDHA 2K18. Our main objective is to encourage the illuminated, youthful minds in colleges to come up with innovative themes of short films.
Theme or topic for short films:
There is nothing called as best topics, as a filmmaker you need to decide which topic is very familiar for you or in which area you are good at. With good background music, sound effects and some disturbing visuals you can nail the audience. Some basic topics are:

  1. Humanity
  2. Friendship
  3. Love
  4. Social media
  5. Education system
  6. Safety of women
  7. Love of mother
  8. Murder mystery
  9. Depression
  10. Life
  11. Human race
  12. Women Empowerment
  13. Anti Drugs
  14. Child labour
  15. Corruption
  16. Poverty and poorness
  17. Issues Environmental
  18. Unemployment
  19. Baby girl Festiside

Note : Length of the short film should be 8 to 15 minutes.

1. Maximum participants in short films and dance videos should be 5 members.

2. Maximum participants in script writing is only one member.


  1. Story & Script
  2. Conceptualization
  3. Production and Direction
  4. Characters
  5. Sets/Background/Locales
  6. Music/Voice/Graphics
  7. Team’s knowledge about the chosen topic and film-making process. (Students presenting the movie may be asked questions by the judges about the production and post - production aspects of the films.
  8. Script must be explained by the Participants

On 25th Feb Morning

Fee Details : ₹ 200

Will be announced soon..........

Event Head Details:

Name: P.Bhavani

Contact Number: 9491425524

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M.B.N.Manikanta: 8185878707

V.Prem Kumar: 9676404811

N.Komal: 7794041323

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