Conquer the Concrete


Be a part of SOUDHA 2K18 by participating in biggest concrete challenge for all civilians. Share your talent of desire to mould, get your innovative evolution of concrete cubes .Join us in this year SOUDHA by taking part in “CONQUER THE CONCRETE” an open cube testing contest . In this event, the participants have to cast 3 cubes as per the design procedure provided , which would be tested by experts provision .

1. Minimum members to be participated are 2 and maximum number of participants 4.

2. Mix design is as follows:

  • Mix Design shall be as per IS 10262-2009 and M25 grade.
  • Use OPC 53 grade cement.
  • Curing period -7 days/ACT values.
  • 3 cubes of dimension 150*150*150 standard size are to be cast.
  • Curing should be done through water only.
  • No admixtures.
  • Workability tests are to be submitted with images of slump and casting of cubes to be submitted to
  • Team should submit a report signed by a concerned faculty and report consists of mix design with IS 10262-2009 specifications.
  • Minimum two sets of abstracts must be maintained.
  • Best performances are judged based on cube strength report and mix design carried out by the participants.
  • Token which is sent is to be placed during casting. Casted specimens without token will not be considered for competition.

3. Candidates are requested to come with 3 samples for testing.

4. Cubes casted must follow the mix design procedure and other details updated

This is the token to be kept in the cube while casting and keep it wrapped in a polythene cover so that it will not damaged(Xerox of token should be of passport photo sized)

24 th feb

Fee Details : ₹ 200

Will be announced soon..........

Event Head Details:

Name: P.Prapul Kumar

Contact Number: 9948817849

Email Id:

M.B.N.Manikanta: 8185878707

V.Prem Kumar: 9676404811

N.Komal: 7794041323

K.Poojitha: 8074241318

N.Bhavana: 7287087935