Here comes the most awaiting part for everyone. Everyone is cordially invited to rock your body at the dance, singing and many other cultural shows which are going to be set a stage center for discharging your full energies and enthusiasm all night. Everyone has the chance of participating on the stage and even you can attend at the cultural night show to have fun. The participants will have chance of winning exciting prizes.

1. The participation can be solo or group performance.

2. The participants have to register with some basic fees at our website to give their performance.

3. On first day morning of our fest there will be a process of auditions by a team of panel members. And those who are going to be selected will get the chance of performing at the cultural night.

4. Participants who get rejected at the selection process will get there registration money back.

5. All the participants who had registered must be present at the time of auditions.

6. If the participants are absent on any reason at the time of auditions will not get their registration money back.

7. The group performance should not be more than 5 members on the stage.

8. The selection of best performance will be made from all the branches.

24 th feb night

Fee Details : ₹ 200

Will be announced soon..........

Event Head Details:

Name: P. Dinakara Vamsi

Contact Number: 9703850105

Email Id:

M.B.N.Manikanta: 8185878707

V.Prem Kumar: 9676404811

N.Komal: 7794041323

K.Poojitha: 8074241318

N.Bhavana: 7287087935