The boat has already sailed from the harbour and has begun the journey for the SOUDHA 2K18 with a lot of enthusiasm. SOUDHA invites you to be a part of this journey and attend this technical fest to be organised at such an extravagant scale. The gates are now open for CAMPUS AMBASSADOR, SOUDHA 2K18.


Now, you too have a chance to become a part of this technical extravaganza. With Campus Ambassador Program you get a chance to be an extended part of the organizing team of SOUDHA 2K18. The Campus Ambassador program is aimed to connect student communities and maintain a genial relationship with the representatives, so that they promulgate and congregate the required data and authorize the tasks provided to the associated ambassadors to divulge about the SOUDHA 2K18.

All you have to do is lead the contingent from your college taking part in SOUDHA and make sure that people in your institute know about it. Be the leader in a crowd of followers.


An opportunity to improve your communication and managerial skills by interacting with people coming from diverse fields and from various colleges across India. It improve your leadership skills, chance to organize workshops of SOUDHA at college level.

Be the face of SOUDHA 2K18 in your college.

Responsibilities of campus ambassador :


Participants have always been an integral part of SOUDHA. So an indispensable part of being a CA is to find talented people in your college and get them to participate. Your college has talent so give them the chance they deserve.


A fest is only as good as the promotion it gets so spread the word. We’ll provide you with posters and you have to put them up for the world to see or at least for everyone in your college.


We have events and they have to be shared in Facebook , Twitter, YouTube and any other social media platform you can get your hands on, make sure we are heard.

NOTE:-Tasks that are assigned to you must be completed before the Deadline.


Everyone is eligible for this post, irrespective of the year you are in. All we need is your enthusiasm and zeal to come up with fresh ideas to help us make this edition of SOUDHA splendorous.

Requirements for being a campus ambassador :

The associated members should be a good communicator, orator and Listener.

They must have a good social background.

He/she must be an enthusiast to volunteer the activities and events, thus will be able to expand the scale of the fest.

He / she must assist the students patiently and calmly explain their Queries.

Inquisitiveness regarding the events.

Promptness in responding the mail and the phone calls.


Campus Ambassadors would be rewarded as mentioned in the Reward Scheme part of this document based on the number of students that are registered. Best Campus Ambassadors will be rewarded.

Official certificates will be provided to the campus ambassadors from SOUDHA as a token of appreciation.

One who accomplishes his/her job perfectly and makes an outstanding effort in bringing the participation in the fest, will be acquiring some special benefits with free merchandise.


No. of students attending the SOUDHA 2K18 from your college. Rewards
10 and above Appreciation certificate
15 and above Appreciation certificate, Free Registration
25 and above Appreciation certificate, Free registration and one event
30 and above Appreciation certificate, Exciting goodies, Free registration fee for one event
35 and above Appreciation certificate, Exciting goodies, free registration fee and free for one workshop

M.B.N.Manikanta: 8185878707

V.Prem Kumar: 9676404811

N.Komal: 7794041323

K.Poojitha: 8074241318

N.Bhavana: 7287087935