About Soudha


Soudha is the prestigious technical fest conducted by the department of Civil Engineering, JNTUK Kakinada. This is a two day national level technical symposium where we share and appreciate the knowledge and ideas in the Civil Engineering field through the different workshops conducted. We also conduct competitions in the form of poster, paper & powerpoint presentations of the ideas and a short film contest too to unveil the talents of Civil Engineering students throughout the country. Guest lectures by eminent speakers and lab tours through the rarely found equipment are also organised. Along with these, you can come along with enjoyable & entertaining events like culturals, treasure hunt and many more spot events. This is a platform to share knowledge and to get entertained as well.

M.B.N.Manikanta: 8185878707

V.Prem Kumar: 9676404811

N.Komal: 7794041323

K.Poojitha: 8074241318

N.Bhavana: 7287087935